Sunday, August 5, 2012

hello, world

Welcome to Divi. In our first post I'd like to share some of the developments that form the inspiration for Divi.

1. Digital books, on tablets

Tablets are a great medium to create engaging and interactive digital books. We are just beginning to see the incredible potential they have in education. The TEDTalks video below was one of the first to showcase the potential of tablets for creating rich books.

2. Videos and real-time feedback

Another great TEDTalks video by Salman Khan demonstrated how classrooms can be flipped using videos and analytics to create a better learning environment.

3. Free educational content

The internet has democratized creation of educational content and some great content is already available free. This is only going to get better and we can no longer depend only on a few textbooks. A quote from a blog post here describes it perfectly:

 ... the best content is not going to be created by some institution (although they may contribute some bits that go into the best content category.) The best content is going to be the aggregation of small bits of work from a lot of self-directed authors that we will come to find out about only after they have done the work and made it available on the web.

Divi is about bringing all these ideas together: to create a platform that supports rich interactive multimedia content in tablets; offers supervision and assessment tools for running the classrooms of future; and enables customization of courseware by educators to make use of the best content available.